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Find 28mm ww2 and 28mm ww2 painted from a vast selection of Wargames and Role-Playing. This is a new range, partially converted from the Romanian range but with many new figures and codes. 28mm Spanish Rif War & World War II Greek Ranges plus Terrain & Accessories from AREA9 and NP Models. Wars of the French Revolution 28mm + Home — World War II 15mm > Gurkhas. Allied with Germany and Italy, Hungary invaded Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, but as the tide of war turns, however, this small country had to fight for survival against former allies. The Australians fought in Africa in the Second World War, most famously holding Tobruk and the right flank at Alamein (doing very well both times), before being redeployed to the Pacific to counter the Japanese advance into Papua. Since Hungarian and German soldiers fought side-by-side as allies, it seems probable that fabric from the sátorlap-esögallér was also used for German field-made garments. Each of the army deals, platoons and individual packs have been created to match the Orders of Battle within Rules of Engagement. nothing similar is quite as good" 0 28mm tabletop miniatures for WW2 Hungarian Pak 97/38 AT Gun and crew (HUN013) $ 20. Books & Rules; Other Ranges. Painting-Studio 72 Blog of a German figure painter who focuses mainly on 1/72 & 20mm Figures and also occasionally trades in plastic figures & kit sets. Greek War of Independence; Europe in Revolution. A WW2 wartime Skoda Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer was called a G-13 in the factory and on all internal documentation. DEAL . Dan Verssen said. Bob Emmerson is raising funds for Hungarian Tanks - from Mad Bob Miniatures on Kickstarter! WW2 Hungarian Tanks and Vehicles in 1:56 (28mm) scale - designed for wargaming, cast in resin. S & S Models Manufacturers of a wide range fo Pre-WW2, WW2, and Modern Vehicles & AFVs in both 20mm & 28mm, as well as numerous accessories and terrain pieces. We have a huge range of 28mm WWII Miniatures including Bolt Action Miniatures WWII, Artizan Miniatures and Crusader Miniatures. World War II 28mm Soviet Infantry (100WWT001) Soviet Infantry in helmet with rifle $17. 00. Name of the movie: Grey nobodies (Szürke senkik) "Su queste cime italiani ed ungheresi combattendo da prodi si NOTE to EU customers: Prices are shown IVA/VAT 22% excluded. . Crimean British Ebor Miniatures 8 Tedder Road Acomb, York, UK Boxed items are listed as "code/code" where the first code represents the box, and the second code describes the contents. Steve Barber Models: New 28mm 1848 Hungarian Miniatures Steve Barber Models released these new 28mm 1848 Hungarian miniatures. I have for a while been planning a 1941-42 Eastern Front project in 28mm as I have a pile of old Harlequin (now BTD) Germans and Soviets sculpted by Nick Collier hiding on Lead Mountain, as well as some plastic PSC Soviets, some of Our range of 28mm World War II miniatures enable you to bring the devastating battles of World War II to your tabletop. 60 Tiger 1 Mid Production in Zimmerit - 28mm 1/56 Scale . Taxes, if applicable, will be automatically added when logged and during the cart checkout procedure. Welcome to the S&S Models Webshop. The shipping date for the Hungarian Kickstarter is April 2019 and judging from the experiences gathered during the last Kickstarter. Hungarian Tank Hunter Team ( HUN009). Hungarian War of 1848 - now there's a war you don't see gamed often - but you can get the flags here. 691 likes. 28mm scale WSS Flags. Das Projekt: Many of you will have seen my previous work either with our last Kickstarter or on my Faccebook page or at some events we have attended. 28mm Wars of the Roses for Impetus 28mm Ancient Germans for Impetus Blazeaway sell the former Cannon Fodder WW1, WW2 and interwar ranges. I started out with the intention of building a Motorised Infantry Company for Mid-War, though the local trend at the moment is to mostly play Late War, thus it needed to be “morphable” to both periods, something Hungarian infantry is particularly good at. stl 1/56 1/56th 1/56th Scale 1/300th 1:56 1:100 1:200 1:300 3d 28mm 28mm 1/56 anti-tank anti tank APC armoured car armoured truck artillery bolt action british Cold War cruel seas deweycat early war field gun france french German Germany italy kriegsmarine laser cut mdf naval warfare red army russian soviet terrain truck USA wargame wargaming WW2 Figures; WW2 Vehicles & Guns; 28mm Ranges. 28mm Hungarian Officer sculpt for the Kickstarter #28mm #WW2  10 Tripods (28mm) 38M Toldi (28mm) Hungarian 39M Csaba (28mm) IJA Type 90, 75mm field gun (28mm) Marmon Herrington (28mm)  They are committed to giving the customer the most detailed range of WWII . Offering Hungarian medals,badges,militaria,orders and decorations. Aritzan Designs, Wargames Foundry, The Assault Group, Black tree Design, Corgi, Crusader Miniatures, Renegade Miniature, Solido. Their WW1 and WW2 lines focus on Australian troops, and as such could be used for soldiers on foreign service, or Commonwealth troops who have shipped over to Blighty to support a certain faction. 50, Buy Now. Miniatures - Historical - 25mm/28mm - Noble Knight Games Free Shipping on Continental US Orders $149+ Artizan Designs' WWII Painting & Camo Guide Here you'll find fantastic new guides to the camo patterns and colours of WWII. some nice shots of the rear of the  The Turán was a Hungarian medium tank of World War II. We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. The fighting in Hungary represents one of my favorite periods in WW2. Campaign Game Miniatures we make Napoleonic miniatures, Ancients figures, WW2 miniatures in 15mm. Welcome to AGSH. Here are resources on World War II with emphasis on gaming, modeling, painting, (though general histories, other links here to assist these). This is deliberate. All Rights Reserved. This 'simple' event of one country invading another would cause the world to go to war again. Add to cart More. and also congrats on the book release. They had most of the infantry sorted out, but were looking at the cost of Amphibs for the USMC force. Russia 1942: Steve Keyer (Two Tin Soldiers) M: Tractor Factory: German and Russian infantry formations fight it out at Stalingrad in the tractor factory. 28mm range of WWII Hungarians 17 Item(s) Show. com. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. Do you know who painted it so I can try and get the rights to use it? Shop all products in our Miniatures - Historical - 25mm/28mm genre. That's the only source of 28mm Romanians that I'm aware of (and I've looked in the past). The sole modern British sheet has company, with the first sheets of a (probably extensive) WW2 British and Commonwealth range having at last appeared. Hungarian historians assert that Gelou was created by the author from the name of the village of Gelou (Hungarian: Gyalu) as the legendary enemy of the Hungarian noble families about whose deeds he wrote. On mobilization it rose to over 3,000,000, of which some 1,800,000 formed the field army of six armies, in all sixteen army corps – mostly of three divisions, some of the reserve divisions – and eleven cavalry divisions. eCommerce  DogTagMiniatures is bringing a niche range of WW2 28mm miniature to the tabletop. Further releases for the latter will depend on how well-received the range is. 28mm WW2 Italian Bike squad there is 2 options for this as there is the option to have the Historically correct option and not as we have crew to fit both Moto Guzzi and BMW. Front Rank Figurines is a mail order company only, sorry we cannot accept visitors. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. was, depsite being open-topped, thicker, with 28mm on the front. Panzerstahl Death On The Danube - WIP Hungarian Infantry & AFVs It's nice to finally start on my WW2 Hungarians. When only one condition is listed, then the box and contents are in the same condition. Some of my club mates are working up to doing a Tarawa display game of Bolt Action for Beachhead 2016 wargames show in Bournemouth later this year. I've been fascinated with the Hungarian participation on the side of the Axis since reading an in-depth history of the German/Hungarian defeat on the Don River. G-13 – It is just the internal manufacturer’s code name for the Jagdpanzer 38(t) in the Skoda Factory. Home Hungary . As with most British Commonwealth infantry sections, the British Infantry Section Winter is based around the sustained firepower of the Bren light machine gun, the other infantrymen carrying extra Bren magazines in addition to their own weapons. kickstarter. These figures represent an Infantry squad from the Hungarian Army of WW2. But none of them seem to be available at the moment. Hungarians, 28mm, WW2, WWII Hungarian Infantry 28mm. The newest range is WW2 Finns, sculpted by Richard. Dog Tag Miniatures are bringing a niche range of WW2 miniatures to the tabletop. Back; N Gauge and 009 Narrow guage; Back; Slotta bases; Casting Services; Home / 10mm Bob's 28mm Hungarian 15thC Army Bob has been busy working on a new 15th C Hungarian Army. It was used in the Russo-Japanese War, WWI in the Austro-Hungarian army and by the Germans in the Musketen Battalions, and Our range of 15mm World War II miniatures enable you to bring the devastating battles of World War II to your tabletop. All ROMANIAN INFANTRY WWII 28mm WORLD WAR TWO DUTCH INFANTRY 28mm JAPANESE INFANTRY 28mm WORLD WAR TWO ALLIED GENERALS 28mm WORLD WAR TWO LEADERS 28mm WORLD WAR TWO AMERICAN GIs 28mm PANZER GRENADIERS 28mm AFRIKA KORPS 28mm HAND PAINTED 28mm Cossack Heads Serbian/Chetnick/Partisan Heads Czek Helmeted Heads TERRAIN unpainted WORLD WAR TWO ROMMEL 28mm Dutch Flags. The figures are sculpted by Paul Hicks, Adam Dechande and Richard Ansell. I am also adding photos showing figures from different makers side by side. This was the lowest rank of the coveted Corvin Decoration which was reserved for Hungarian Nobility only. Hungarians, 28mm, WW2, WWII. Middleearthgames, middleearthgames. June 19 at Hungarian War of 1848. Approximately 300,000 Hungarian soldiers and more than 600,000 civilians died during World War II, including among them more than 400,000 Jews and 28,000 Roma. 60 (100WWT002) Soviet Infantry in side cap with rifle $17. 28mm German WWII Motorcycle and MG-42 Team These are two more teams I've recently finished for my 28mm WWII skirmish army. Hungarian Grenadiers Firing Line in Bearskin AUS024. Our first Kickstarter 28mm WW2 Motorbikes is being shipped to the backers right now. In Stock Add to Wishlist Quick view Old Glory Miniatures are Simply the Finest! hand crafted, custom made miniatures as each package is lovingly cast to order fresh out of the melting pot. 95! Front Rank do not supply flags. Update 9: Casting Update · 28mm WW2 Hungarian Army. At the beginning of 1914 the peace strength of the Austro-Hungarian army was some 450,000. 28mm range of WWII Hungarians. per page . Forged in Battle 15mm WWII, Forged in Battle War & Empire 15mm Ancients, Bombshell, Arthurian 28mm, Berlin or Bust 28mm WWII, Gothic Horror and much   Soviet Union Forces World War 2 · Japanese Forces World War 2 · Romanian Forces World War 2 · Hungarian Forces World War 2 · Finnish Forces World War 2 Hungarians. e:- if you buy more than one set each set can have varied facial expresions and headgear. 1/56th (28 mm) scale WW2 Hungarian armoured boat (3GJUSXPPR) by bogesz_mail on Shapeways. Each section has an introduction and adds some detail to some of our packs While our models are all nominally 28mm foot to eye, some are larger and some are smaller. 28mm Poland; 28mm Italian States; 28mm Russia; 28mm Burmese, Laos, Siamese, Chinese and Vietnamese armies; 28mm Aceh Outpost Miniatures has a small selection of 28mm Romanian infantry and light support weapons. $ 10. The 'Directory' tab has a list of manufacturers showing what ranges they make and a link to their website. They add the finishing touch and  Items 1 - 24 of 49 Wings of Glory: WWII - Hawker Hurricane MK. As part of a new-ish project for me, I thought I’d detail how I intend painting my WW2 Hungarian Infantry Company. A dismounted Hungarian Recon group attempts to force its way through Russian remnants and capture a critical bridge. I'm not 100% positive of the manufacturer of the motorcycle, but I believe it is from Artisan. Kwitcherbitchen, Mark! :-) These came out looking great - especially the work on the "annoying" Hungarian knots. co. "WW2 Norwegian 28mm Miniatures" Topic. Show Hungarian Army Deal (Great Escape Games) HUN002, 003 x2, 004 x2,  Hungarian, 28mm, WWII, WW2. Based on the design of the Czechoslovak Škoda T-21 medium tank prototype, it was produced in two  Aug 18, 2018 Dog Tag Miniatures have a Kickstarter to fund the sculpting of a 28mm WW2 Hungarian army. The model comes from Mad Bob's miniatures and came to me via their kickstarter. They had more reasons to go to war with their neighbors than to fight against the Soviet Union. Find unique gifts and other personal designs in Shapeways Miniatures. So, some more stuff from me. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Ships. 00 Hungarian Schwarzlose HMG Team (HUN005). One of the members of our group here in the Texas Bolt Action Group (Lone Star Historical Miniatures -LSHM- Society) plays a Hungarian Army (Tyler Goodflower) is featured at the end of the article. 5 Responses to “Resource Guide for 28mm WW2 Eastern Front Gaming” herrodadog Says: July 20, 2010 at 4:02 PM | Reply. Copyright 2019 BrigadeGames. Consists of one officer, medic, NCO, rifleman and MG30 machinegun team. It's the  Products 1 - 30 of 63 28mm figures designed by Alan Perry. Named after Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary (1458-1490). In addition there were two cavalry brigades and three engineer battalions. Update on metal casting 2 · 28mm WW2 Hungarian Army. Returns & cancellation policy please refer to Terms and Conditions. Looking for 28mm historical miniature figures? This blog is a database of manufacturers showing who makes what. With monthly new releases, BAM has become one of the major players on the field for 28mm WW2. austro-hungarian-army. 1:2400 Naval Warfare: The Austro-Hungarian Navy in 1914 or my 1:2400 version of it! Hi all, Inspired by a totally new period, scale and genre of wargame I have decided to set up a blog to chronicle this and further escapades. Shop for hungarian Vehicles in the Shapeways 3D printing marketplace. WSS French flags Battle Honours 15mm Russian Napoleonics. Hungarian Corvin Medal (Magyar Gorvin-Erem). Romanian Mortar - Summer Uniform (ROM006) $ 11. 17 Item(s). How do I send them? The number of companies making WWII in 28mm has really expanded. Hello - The painting "WW2: Painting Guide: US Army Airborne Soldiers. 00 £67. Hungarian Grenadiers Firing Line in Bearskin. If you like these want more in the range 28mm WWII All codes marked with an asterix* have variable heads within the code. The caster who has the ATR and crew for the  Purveyors of the best in 28mm wargaming miniatures and accessories since 2000. This is for non-biased study and simulation of the military aspects of the war. Hungarian Army Honved Division section £15. Having backed Mad Bob's Hungarian Tanks Kickstarter I have been putting my mind to sourcing a platoon of Hungarian troops to accompany the AFV's when they arrive. " is perfect for one of our game box covers. Bolt Action is the leading 28mm World War II tabletop wargame, using miniature soldiers, tanks and terrain to fight battles in the shattered towns of occupied France, the frozen steppes of Russia or even the sweltering jungles of the Pacific. The length of military service was three years. Vehicle resources in 1/56 and 1/48 has also expanded while 1/50 and 1/43 (loss of SOLIDO models) has dropped. great job on this list! many thanks. Discover the services of Dog Tag Miniatures, Doncaster. There are a total of 106 WW2 Artillery (1939-1945) in the Military Factory. This is a mini-campaign game with 3 scenarios and a method of generating Dog Tag Miniatures. 1 (303 Polish Squadron) Wings of Glory: WWII - Messerschmitt Bf. I should have some comparison pictures from the article I did on 28mm WWII figures and 1/43-1/50 WWII vehicles in THE COURIER MAGAZINE (2 issues). All of these have been created by and are copyright of Mick Farnworth. I am also a fan of the uniform of the Grenzer - they are really quite colorful, especially in the sea of Austrian White, and the brown coats are fairly unique. e number 3. 8 figures with 4 variants with 2 of each variant in pack. uk, middle earth games,middle earth,webstore, warhammer shop, cheap warhammer, discount warhammer, warhammer shops, warhammer Infantry Divisions of the Hungarian First Army had recently fought in the defence of Galicia in early 1944, and would put their experience to good use, like the 25th Division at the Battle of Tordá and the 10th Division inside the Budapest pocket. Just found out that another company will soon be running a kickstarter for 28mm WWII Hungarian and Romanian infantry (and other Balkan nations), this would really sit in well with the tanks and vehicles in Bolt Action and CoC games. The Austrian army differed from the German army in a number of equipment details, but for those gamers needing reinforcements or variation and not concerned about the odd detail, you can intermix models should you wish. Get great deals on eBay! WW2 bolt action Hungarian Green Arrow 10 man Yet even more WW2 vehicles from three different manufactures. i. 28mm-ww2-hungar…/posts/2474536. See the rest of them in the 19th Century European Wars Section. Many cities were damaged, most notably the capital Budapest. There is also a growing range of WW2 1/100 (15mm) and 1/56 (28mm) conversion kits. Complete line of 28mm WWII miniatures, vehicles and terrain. Austro Hungarian Divisions were also stationed on the Western Front near Verdun and saw action against the French and Americans World War II (28mm) All the Miniatures in this section are suitable for Iron Cross, Rules of Engagement and other game systems. The project includes command, infantry, bikes  Oct 7, 2014 Ostfront: Sourcing the WW2 Royal Hungarian Army wargames industry, there are buckets of 28mm Germans and Soviets in the marketplace,  Following the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in October and . Hungarian Army in 15mm just finished My New Later Hungarians Are Now Ready I had a trio of Hungarian knights that I purchased from a friend as they were surplus to his needs. S. 28mm Hungarian Infantry; 28mm Hungarian Artillery; 28mm Hungarian Command and Characters; 28mm Foreign Volunteers; 28mm Hungarian Militia; 28mm Austrian; 28mm 19th century ranges. Axis History Forum. Miniatures Showcase compiled by the White Knight Little over 20 years had passed since the Great War that would end all wars, when Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939. of War - WWII - Hungarian - Infantry · Flames of War - WWII - Hungarian - Tanks ( Battlefront Miniatures) · Moments in History (Wargames Illustrated) (28mm)  World War collection designed by the amazing Jen's Najewitz these designs are if not the best one of the best in the world. Strelets Hungarian Army in Winter Dress (Stalingrad) Japan - Infantry HaT WW2 British Infantry 1940 For more details on Austro-Hungarian Uniforms: http://www. Vehicles by Simon Bargery, Olaf Meys and Nigel Higgins. Suitable for 1941 onwards. Comprehensive online Hungary WW1/WW2 Veteran Service badge "For Services Rendered to Brotherhood". Austro-Hungarian troops fight with Italian units in the final days of WW1. Scheltrum Miniatures 28mm Victorian Sci-Fi & ACW vehicles and vessels. with No1 MK4 rifle, slouch hat Dog Tag: Hungarian WW2 Kickstarter. G = tank destroyer, 1 = light, 3 = model i. Early production Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer with muzzle brake. This particular tank started development in 1938 as an attempt to replace the T-26, T-40, the failed T-46 project and the T-50. Per Kickstarter solle eine Reihe ungarischer WW2 Minis in 28mm finanziert werden. Lots of nice 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm-28mm scale Terrain, Buildings, Accessories, and Figures – covering several Periods (AmRev, AmMex, ACW, Wild West, WW2, and more. 28mm Poland; 28mm Italian States; 28mm Russia; 28mm Burmese, Laos, Siamese, Chinese and Vietnamese armies; 28mm Aceh Wars ; Franco Prussian Hungarian 39M Csaba armoured car 28mm 1/56th WWII WARLORD $29. Great Escape Games - Hungarian Infantry Command These figures represent a command squad from the Hungarian Army of WW2. Sold Out. Hungarian squad of 10 x 28mm figures. On 11 May 1922 the new organisation came into being with seven military districts, each defended by a mixed brigade (Hungarian: Vegyesdandár). TheWarStore accepts all Major Credit Cards, PayPal, and Money Orders Shipping Charges? Every US Order Ships For Only $7. On 4 January 1922 the National Army was renamed the Royal Hungarian Army. Mr Baczoni adds that contemporary photos of WW2 Hungarian soldiers show that most were equipped with hard-edge patterned shelter halves. A solo-war-game blog dedicated to my father and the world's most noble hobby; collecting toy soldiers. If you like these want more in the range - buy these and  28mm tabletop miniatures for WW2. 50. We make a wide range of models in 1/72 (20mm) from pre WW2 to modern day. Dog Tag Miniatures have a Kickstarter to fund the sculpting of a 28mm WW2 Hungarian army. World War II. First up is a Hungarian Zrinyi Assault gun with a long barreled 75mm AT gun. The Hobby League is a great way to create a community that plays and enjoys Flames Of War! Watch Andrew explain how you can win multiple prizes and hold Flames Of War tournaments in your local hobby stores, ready for the OnTableTop Global Campaign! 28MM WARLORD GAMES British Infantry Section (Winter) BNIB WWII Bolt Action, - $22. Aug 1, 2018 Dog Tag Miniatures is raising funds for 28mm WW2 Hungarian Army on Kickstarter! 28mm WW2 Hungarian Army. During early 1900's awarding of medal were to be extended to most notable scientists and artist but only a few were actually made. We now want to thank you for your support. The action starts with Poland in 1939 and goes all the way to Könisberg in 1945. Hungarian AFVs The Kingdom of Hungary was a member of the Axis alignment in a less-than-enthusiastic manner. Hungarian Starter Force £62. Where our figures are sold in packs we are unable to vary the contents of the pack. Markings for use with 28mm / 1:56 scale models. 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted. Without you it would not be 28mm WW2 Hungarians. World War II 15mm > Gurkhas (300WWT201) Gurkha Inf. I have yet to see it in 'in the flesh' but Bob has sent me some pictures for the blog. Model tanks and other vehicles for the smaller nations of WWII, focusing on 28mm (1/56) and 20mm (1/72) scale miniatures. The G-13 name. Armed with your rulebook, march your troops into the theatre of war - re-enact the famous battles of North Africa, or carry out skirmishes in occupied France - we've got all the high-quality miniatures, rulebooks and terrain you need to get started. This is an apolitical forum for discussions on the Axis nations and related topics hosted by the Axis History Factbook in cooperation with Christian Ankerstjerne’s Panzerworld and Christoph Awender's WW2 day by day. WWII Eastern Front Skirmish Scenarios By Andy Turlington Contained within this 98 page perfect bound book is all the information you need to have to play 12 skirmish level games set on the Eastern Front during the course of the whole war. 99 Delivery: 3-5 days average in U. Here toy soldiers clash in great battles from scales of 2mm to 1/6 scale. This game is a remake of ww2 "TANKS World War 2 road signs, WWII signs, WW2 road signs, Arnhem, Bastogne, Caen, Carentan, Falaise, SS signs, Nazi signs, Customised Vintage Signs, We make vintage signs credit / debit card payment now available as well as paypal. Like all the conflicts in the Great War, many innovations and weapons of war were experimented with, and the Italians and Austrians were no exception. The Tiger I was equip with the awesome 88mm main gun, 100mm thick armor at the front, 80mm armor on the sides, and a 650hp Maybach engine, the Tiger I is widely considered to be the most powerful and sophisticated tank of its time. WWII BRITISH FORCES ^ Top of Page ^ Although the figures below are centred primarily around the war in the desert, many can also be used for other theatres of war. uk/ Austria-Hungary fielded probably the most diverse army of World War 1, Bolt Action is the leading 28mm World War II tabletop wargame, using miniature soldiers, tanks and terrain to fight battles in the shattered towns of occupied France, the frozen steppes of Russia or even the sweltering jungles of the Pacific. . 28mm Hungarian Artillery; 28mm Hungarian Command and Characters; 28mm Foreign Volunteers; 28mm Hungarian Militia; 28mm Austrian; 28mm 19th century ranges. These are a contribution from billh512002 on the Yahoo Warflag Group. $ 11. 109 E-3 (Jagdeschwader 2). Mar 6, 2019 To accompany the release of Campaign: Fortress Budapest, we've got a fantastic paint guide from author Bryan Cook on how to paint your  28mm World War II WargamingHungary. Item # Hun-30 (25). Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily primary operator. I've also seen listings for some appropriately-scaled Romanian tank destroyers. WW1/WW2 Veteran 44mm x 28mm. Armed with your rulebook, you can march your troops from the United Kingdom or United States into the fray - tank warfare in the deserts of North Africa, or skirmishes in occupied France, or even in the depths of the ancient jungles of the Pacific - we've got all the high Our range of 15mm World War II Hungarian guns, infantry and vehicles will allow you to play out Hungary's operations in World War II. View as: Grid This is the second Kickstarter by Dog Tag MIniatures. Germany - Infantry. With hundreds of miniatures and Tonnes of vehicles, this is a constantly growing range and amongst the highest quality 28mm WWII miniatures and vehicles in the world. The project includes command, infantry, bikes and support options (with more support weapons unlocked “A brother’s grave for two” The T-60 was the result of the ongoing development of light tanks that had started well before WWII. This time it is half a platoon of 28mm Australians in the Pacific War. 00   Super paint job, great seeing these with colour at long last, I had great fun sculpting these, glad you like them. Result Pages: 1 2 3 [Next > AN 10 Hungarian Grenadier command advancing, £7. In 1945, Hungarian and German forces in Hungary were defeated by advancing Soviet armies. Terrain Crate by Mantic – Cool 28mm Terrain for Blood and Plunder (and more) . Update 10: Inked Masters and additional items · 28mm WW2 Hungarian Army Thanks for bearing with us, we have received the master casts of the ATR and these have been approved and are now being cast by one of the casters, Also the infantry have started to be cast by our other metal caster. 28mm hungarian ww2

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